Wednesday, June 8, 2011

more good things

it is much less a concentrated effort than i thought it would be, this business of being positive. for instance: it is hot hot hot and dry here. the grass crackles under my feet when i walk outside. but that means it hasn't grown much, so there's not much need to mow. a good thing. it means the tomato plants and my herbs need to be watered. but it gives me a chance to be in the sun for a few minutes each day; to listen to the birds. a good thing.
i don't know if any of you ever watched the andy griffith show but around here, that's a "must do". partly because it's pretty much set locally and also because there are such good lessons to learn. in one episode, poor aunt bea tries to save a little money by purchasing half a cow to put in the freezer, "it's such a good deal" she says. well....the freezer dies and rather than call the man and get it fixed, she loads up the tough beef on opie's red wagon and hauls it to the local butcher's to ask if he will let her put it in his freezer. now she bought the beef from another butcher, so andy is dead set against this...he just keeps repeating to her "call the man, aunt bea...just call the man.". well that episode comes to mind in regards to getting work done here that needs to be done. i finally bit the bullet, grabbed the bull by the horns....whatever.....and called the man about the well at the little house. i prayed for two days almost nonstop that it would be something that could be fixed and paid for with what little i have managed to save. yesterday the man took a look at the well. as long as no other problems rear their ugly heads, it can be fixed with almost exactly to the dollar what i have saved. grace and mercy. yes! and this......
while i was so stressing about the well, i knew i needed to keep my hands and mind busy, so i learned to do something new. i've seen...even purchased...beautiful necklaces that are crocheted/knitted from beautiful yarn that's almost like ribbon....trellis yarn, dazzle, etc....they're very colorful, lightweight and perfect for summer. well i made one of those yesterday and i am so pleased with the result. the best part, i think is that i "winged it" in regards to some of the assembly after the crocheting/knitting was done and mine doesn't look like all the others i've seen. i like that!
regarding this business of finding good things, you really don't have to look very hard.
when it's 95 in the south with humidity so thick you can actually see it, a very good thing is air conditioning.
when you have a fresh tomato right from the garden, it is a very good thing to also have on hand: light bread, mayo, salt and pepper....and a napkin! here's hoping you have a day filled with good things. :)

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