Wednesday, June 1, 2011

good morning

think about those words. good morning. we say them from habit most of the time; they just seem to roll off our tongues without thought to the meaning behind. some days "hello" would be much more appropriate, but for today i choose "good morning". why is it a good morning, after all?
well. lately it seems i've hit some rough spots, as i'm sure you've noted if you've read my last few posts. consequently, i've chosen to make a conscious effort to adopt a "glass half full" attitude. in truth, there may be....will be, i'm sure....days where that is more difficult to accomplish. what precipitated this, you ask?
i have a friend whose husband is battling lung cancer. i have a friend who lost her home to foreclosure. i have a friend who lost her child to cancer. i have a friend who lost her dad after watching him struggle for so long. i have seen the total devastation wrought by storms.
my cousin, bless her, made this comment: "any day you wake up on the top side of dirt, it's a good day."
i remember this....i remember when i started writing here, stating that my purpose was to be positive and uplifting. lately, it's been far from that. i made that choice. whether consciously or not, there was a shift in thought. now, i make another choice. a conscious one. an effort of monumental proportion on some days, but one i need to make for ME. to find the positive again. to let it shine....light instead of dark....a different
perspective. i need that. and i will make a dogged, determined effort to accomplish it. today is june 1...a new month...a new day...a new time for new thinking. so.....why is it a good morning?
i woke up on the top side of dirt, for one thing.
i can see and hear and still use my hands and feet.
i had a great cup of coffee with my favorite Cinnabon cream.
the air conditioner is working....thankfully, since the temps here for the next week are to be 90 or more.
my back doesn't hurt...packing and moving boxes took it's toll for a few days, but not today.
i have chicken salad and pasta salad for today...two favorites.
there is fresh lemon for my sweet tea.
i put out the hummingbird feeder and look forward to seeing my little friends hover and swoop through the porch.
i called the man about fixing the well at the little house.
going through all my craft supplies while putting them in boxes is giving me the chance to do some much needed organizing AND i'm finding things i'd forgotten i had....i feel creative rumblings inside and it is good.
so. it can be done. it can be a GOOD morning. determine to make it so.
no matter what.
no matter who.
no matter how.
GOOD MORNING. Happy June. :)

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  1. That'a girl. It is hard to be positive, sometimes, but looking for the good things in our lives is a great place to start. It's too easy to dwell on the bad stuff. It's always out there and well... life doesn't promise us anything.
    It is all about perspective. Happiness comes from within.
    So here's " waking up on the the top side of dirt" and looking for something good to focus on.... like Hummingbirds and a good cup of coffee.