Friday, November 11, 2011


this is a very special day.
it is veteran's day...and i am ever-so-deeply indebted and thankful to those men and women who sacrificed so much in order for us to have the freedoms we have. we take so many things for granted in this life...we have so many privileges others do not. we should be thankful today and every day.
today is also very special because it is the 29th birthday of my wonderful daughter melissa....her REAL 29th birthday...she doesn't start to hit the ones with zeros 'til next year! ;) i saw a picture today of her baby grand-daughter, almost 16 months old. it brought back so many memories. bayly was sleeping in exactly the same position melissa used to sleep in when she was a baby...arms stretched out over her head. my, how fast they grow. now that little one is my best friend, my fiercest defender, my staunchest supporter. oh my, how lucky i am. happy birthday dear melissa....happy birthday to you.

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