Tuesday, November 1, 2011

so...now it is November

i know. I KNOW. my last post was lamenting the beginning of October and here it is November already. personally, i am so glad to see November. although i love the changes that come in October....the leaves, the temperatures, the harvest of new vegetables...the beginning of the cocooning time that heralds the approach of winter. i do love all that. but the month that has passed was crammed full of changes of the sort i did not look forward to. i was busy trying to get lovelies made for a last minute show that turned out to be quite good. then i was trying to plan ahead for two additional ones that are coming up. and during the making of and planning for those, dad had surgery. nothing terribly serious, although at late-70-something, none of it is good...knee replacement. and when the doctor asks "do you live alone" and the answer is "yes", the auto-response is "well you'll need to go to a skilled care facility after surgery to re-hab"...at which point "no, i will not"...then "i have someone who will be staying with me". which is true enough. now, two weeks out from surgery, all is on the way to being well. visit this morning to the doctor "released" the two of us taking turns staying 24/7...at which point we couldn't help it...we high-fived each other. i would do what was needed again in a heartbeat but it did take "normal" and fling it right out the window. perhaps now....NOW...i can begin to find it again. i certainly hope so....there is much to do. i must say that i am so proud of my dad. he has been doing physical therapy like a trooper and is walking much better with each passing day. he is a man on a mission....he wants to get in the greens patch in the backyard before the deer eat all his collards and turnip greens!

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