Monday, October 3, 2011


How did that happen? October, already? And so much that didn't get done during the summer. Ah it will be the "Fall To Do" list....only longer. There are many things to keep me busy these days. I like that. The part I don't much care for, however, is prioritizing the many things I need to do. Is there a good way to do that, I ask? I know I must order as is best for me....and I have learned that the order changes pretty much daily...or hourly...depending on whatever else is tugging at me. So I suppose prioritizing must go hand in hand with flexibility. And I must also realize that there is no sense in chastising myself for what I didn't get done...all that does is add stress to the mix....and, well....we know few things good come of stress....except diamonds from coal.... :)
anyway, I must begin each day anew, with attainable goals for that day. I learned this recently as I made a list of all that still needs to be done at the little house and was subsequently exhausted, depressed, and totally overwhelmed just looking at all. that. stuff. so. in short, simple terms, I must stop kicking myself for what I don't get done, take things one at a time, celebrate the baby steps in attaining realistic goals...and be flexible.
celebrate baby steps....i like that. the small victories....i think i can do that.

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  1. You will get it all done!! You are farther along than you realize.
    Sending love. Xxxxxx