Saturday, September 24, 2011


just a few quick snippets....i could go into lengthy detail, but for the moment, these things:
on sept. 17, i took my carload of lovelies to a friend's church to try to sell a few things. sales were not good....BUT...i did get bookings for two more shows, made plans for an open house here before Christmas...and then...was left totally speechless, with goosebumps. that doesn't happen often. a very nice lady looked at my pins, made some wonderful comments, and asked if they were carried in any stores in the area. it was a nice feeling that she thought they were actually that good. her next statement brought on the speechlessness. "i'm asking," she said, "because i own a store....a women's boutique...and i love to carry different kinds of things. these are just beautiful and i would love to carry them in my store." cue the goosebumps. and the dropped jaw. i managed to give her one of my cards, to tell her i would love to have that opportunity. she gave me the name of her i will go for a visit. we shall see how this pans out.
i just returned from a little vacation to the south carolina/georgia coast. it was so very nice, just to sit and bake for a read an entire be lulled by the sounds of the find some treasures that had washed ashore.....for me, just for me, i think.
the upstairs of this house is now vacant. no elaboration necessary...suffice to say this is an extremely good thing. will i be setting it up as my studio/workspace again? not likely. i still think the little house would be a better option for my studio. now, to get the work done there that's necessary.....that's a whole different can of worms. i did buy a new stainless steel kitchen sink at a yard sale...still had the pricetag on it, never been used....$193 original price....mine for $15! baby steps.......

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