Friday, September 9, 2011

Backing up

when i began this "blog thing" it was with the full intention of it becoming a place of positive things....good thoughts....promoting things that brought peaceful feelings and joy. yeah ain't all blue skies and flowers. some days are tough.....some weeks are tougher....and sometimes those days and weeks stretch into months until it truly takes a monumental, decidedly intense effort to find that one good thing hiding deep in the muck. but it's's in know it is. sure it takes a fight to get to it. how much fight is in you? is it worth the trouble? and what do you do at those times you realize all you do is fight to get someplace you're not even sure is there, to find something you're only hoping is waiting for you....what of those times? i'll tell you "what of those times".....whatever it is you're digging for, whatever it is you're fighting for...whatever it is you're so very passionate about....keep at it. keep digging. keep fighting. one good thing is in is.
"it's not the size of the dog in the fight. it's the size of the fight in the dog."
so.....hope got a little tarnished and torn. patience grew wings and flew right out the window. peace had an earthquake. joy took a tumble.
you know what happened next? you got up. you saw that you still had all body parts. you washed the scrapes. you sat until your head was clear again. and then, which direction did you go? i bet i went forward. and you didn't even look back. you know why? because you're just that strong. we move forward. we look ahead. we make a conscious decision to enjoy the journey. we heal. we do...we really do.

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