Thursday, February 23, 2012

turn the page

the last post was about how we finally experienced some semblance of winter. that was on monday of this week, i think....and today? turn the page, and it's above 70 degrees with blue skies. so, my thought is this.....i've had a bit of winter. i was able to see snow falling, see it pile up (a little) on the railing and steps, to walk in it for a while and hear nothing but hushed silence. i loved it. it was so nice...for a day. now? i know i have absolutely no control whatsoever in the weather, but if my 2 cents worth is worth 2 cents....i'd just as soon move straight on to spring. we've had snow....deep as late as april, so it's possible we will see snow again this winter...and that will be fine, i'm sure. but for today, on this page...i really like this little glimpse into spring!
today was quilting day. i have begun 2 quilts and made the plans for another, as well as plans for a pillow or two or three.....what have i actually finished? nada, zip, zilch, zeeee-ro, nuthin'. as i travel this creative path, i am discovering that i am very much the planner, the idea-maker, the "what if we did this" lady....not so much the finisher. i must learn to stick with it a bit this rate if i focus just on unfinished projects, i'm pretty sure i have enough to keep me busy till i take my last breath on this earth. to it.....

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