Friday, June 22, 2012

let's be honest

i haven't posted in a i'm sure some may have noticed. there's been a lot i could have posted about, but didn't....some days i want to "put it all out there"...other times, not so much, not because terribly bad things were happening, which they weren't...but just because i didn't feel led to do so. truth be told, i've wanted to vent....yes, i have. i've wanted to share some good news...most certainly. i've wanted to just blab....but saved you from that. ;) i've wanted to complain, but that was too depressing. so....i just decided to stay quiet for a bit.
let's be honest. some days it's just not there. we can say too much. we can say nothing. we can share everything right down to the cereal we like best....but on those days when we just feel like it isn't worth the's ok to be quiet.
let's be honest....why do we feel like we need to do this on a regular basis anyway? for me, it's an opportunity for cheap is. there are those who have said they read what's written here....and i am glad of that. it makes me immediately go to that "oh my gosh what have i written about" place.  there are things we want to say about others....and those words of my mother resound in my head..."if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."...hence, my silence on a lot of days.
for now, however, a good thing.
my son is a college graduate. the story is one i want to share. scott has wanted to be a firefighter ever since he was old enough to say the word. he graduated from high school in 2004 and promptly enrolled at the only institute of higher learning in this entire state that (at the time) had a 4 year degree in fire science engineering.....commonly known as firefighting.  during the time he was in college he volunteered, then worked part-time, with one of the local fire departments for some experience. he was one semester shy of graduation when the charlotte fire dept advertised it was beginning a new rookie school. scott, on the advice and encouragement of his fire department superiors, decided to apply. "no one ever gets selected the first time out, mom....i'm mainly doing it so i can get the experience of interviewing, know what they want, etc"...well. of course, he made it into rookie school on the first one semester shy of graduation, he begins working for the charlotte fire dept. as he worked on finishing his degree one class at a time, the fire dept footed the bill.  and then we came upon physics....sent directly from hell is this course. my son took physics five (maybe six, as we lost count) times before he passed....the next to last time, he was advised (by his college advisor, no less!) to take another class that would substitute for physics and he could still graduate. wonderful! not so....two weeks shy of graduation he was informed, after already purchasing cap and gown for the graduation he's looked forward to for so long, that no, in fact, you may not substitute anything for physics. you must take...and pass with a C or better...that actual course. my son took his complaint to the dean of the school of engineering...even to the chancellor of the college to no avail. and when the next semester rolled around he again enrolled in physics...the only course between him and his degree. and wonder of wonders, he passed with a C!! he doesn't know how. neither do i. and it doesn't matter. he is finished. he gets a promotion with the fire dept, they pay for his physics class and he goes up a pay grade. who says persistence doesn't pay off? I am so proud of him i could bust.
let's be honest....that pretty much trumps everything else....a story of hard work with a happy ending. i can get to the other stuff later.

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