Monday, December 10, 2012


first of all, let me make this perfectly clear...this is not a complaining post.  it is not a gripe session, a pity party, a whining it is not.  it is.....sharing. releasing. therapy whilst waiting. yes. that's what it is.
today i read a post on a blog i enjoy visiting. it was about doing what we need for ourselves. actually putting the words into print...saying them to the life to them, those things we've held inside...because you know, as i do, that we will frequently put our wishes and desires aside to do for those we love. yes we do. you know it and i know it. we do. and do we ever....ever pick them up again and do for ourselves what we need? maybe...and maybe not.
so. here are my words.
i need for my house and land to sell.  i mean's only been for sale for 4 years. yes, years. and every month i am making the payment, which has never been so much as a day late. i am thankful i am able to do that.  foreclosure is not looming. as it stands now i can continue to make the payments until it is paid off.  i am thankful for that, as well.  i don't like it by any stretch. but i am thankful for it. my philosphy is this: one of two things will happen. either i will sell it and have a nice nest egg...and be able to possibly finally have a little place on a mountain. or it will not sell, i will pay it off and have a beautiful piece of land on which to do what i please.  things happen at the time they are meant to happen. for whatever reason, it hasn't happened yet. so for now, i still make the payment. and i wait.
but in truth, i would much rather be sitting on a porch at my little house on a mountain, drinking coffee....or inside with something baking while i make lovelies by the fire.


  1. four years is a long, long wait.
    i hope it isn't much longer until you are there,
    in that little house on the mountain with something baking in the oven.