Monday, November 26, 2012


it's been a while since i came to this place to put words out into the world. the last words i flung out from here were full of joy and hope and victory and amazement. i am glad to say that is still the case.
it's been over a month since my post of "yesterday".....and since then, i have been slowly, methodically creating lovelies. i have been to the store a number of put out new things, to load it with Christmas, to refresh and recharge both the space and myself. i have taken things i made on a whim, wondering if they would ever really sell, only to have them sell that very same day. i have had my first paycheck....which covered the entire 3 months rent with some extra for me. i have had requests for additional pieces of my work. i have been doing shows on saturdays...and have still more before this crazybusy season is done. i have been, along with several other vendors, photographed and interviewed for a local newspaper article about our little store...and about my little space. i have made friends with other vendors. i have, in essence, been carving.  i have been carving, scraping bit by bit, to make a small niche in my corner of the world. it is work, this business of making a space for myself in solid rock. but it is working. i am loving every scrape, every chisel, every bit of dust or chink of rock that falls away to make my space. i look back now at the words i just wrote and i see "it is work"...and i it really? how can something that i love doing, something i look forward to doing every day be work? and yet i call it that...."my work".....because it is the work of my hands and my heart. i am happy doing what i do. this part doesn't seem like work at all. and yet, it is part of the carving.
but...i do still hear the occasional snort or see the sneer when i say those words..."my work".  sometimes the words are even repeated with the sneer or snort added for good measure. sometimes the heat gets turned down and the door closed upstairs where my workroom is. sometimes my visits to the craft store are greeted with disdain and comments. so it goes. i recently shared how much income i'd had from the store and shows in the past month....served up with a helping of  "i think it's time for a little more respect and a little less snide."    carving. one chink, one blow, one scrape at a time. it's part of the process. it's necessary in order to make the beautiful thing you're carving into something strong. in order to have a space, you must chisel away. i have never felt stronger or more sure of what i am doing. i have never felt so assured that i am in the right place...which is in charge of myself. i am confident in my abilities. i am happy that what i've said all along is coming to pass. i am secure in the knowledge that i can. i am enjoying this little corner of my world. but i am still carving. every day, a little more. so if it happens that someone chooses to rain on my parade, so to speak...let them rain. i know what i know. and i know that i can.
thanksgiving has come and gone. it was a wonderful day, full of family and food. melissa and the grands were here....unfortunately, son-in-law was on shift at the fire station but of course, leftovers were sent and they were able to spend time with him there when they left my house. dad was here...and again, leftovers were packaged up and sent home. scott came from charlotte for the day, having been on shift at the fire station the day before and again the day after. and yes, he took leftovers home as well. and there were still plenty of yummies here for us when they all went home. which brings me to this....when one has enough to fill a table for 7 and send bounty home with all, one is very blessed indeed. and i am realizing a little more every day just how blessed i am. 

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