Monday, February 4, 2013

go away gremlin

a short while ago i finally wrote a blog entry and tried to post it...twice.  my intent when i began this place was to make it a positive thing...a place to embrace life. the entries i wrote and tried to post this morning were a tinch on the negative side...well...ok...just plain negative. and they posted in some form of gibberish i could neither understand or fix. so i deleted them, just as i have deleted the three other entries i made in the past month....simply because they were words that were just taking up space...fillers.
because it is infinitely more difficult than one would think to "put out there" that which lives "in here". 
words to ponder, such as
and my thoughts...
yes, there are things i will not, do not, can not tolerate and should not be expected to.
that change must begin with me...even if it is difficult and scary and some may not understand or agree.
that we are defined by the choices we make...or don't make. and those choices have a ripple effect.
and there are times when compromise simply is not an option.
looking back, perhaps those statements aren't really negative. perhaps they are statements of strength and lessons learned.

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