Sunday, April 7, 2013

and the answer is.....

wait.  again. a little longer. for something better. for the right time.
what was the question? 
it was this...."will this be the time...THIS time....that my house and land sell?" i had been talking to someone for a couple of months. they were seriously interested. we talked of signing papers, even. i allowed myself to think of "what if this happens? think what i could do."
and the answer? see that above. 
it fell through. it was so close....sooooooo close this time. but no. 
every time, i get a little closer to the carrot that continues to dangle in front of me. i don't know what the waiting is for, but it certainly must be something good. i have to believe it is. 
so the plans i'd made...on hold....again. god must certainly be amused at the plans we humans make. if i could choose, of course, it would be done...finished. but for reasons unknown, "not yet" is the answer.

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