Monday, April 1, 2013

the week

...I walked on the sand and listened to the song of the water. I picked up broken bits and pieces of another world and held them in my hand. I let the sun warm my soul and felt it course through me, strong, with every heartbeat. I awoke each morning with the desire to create, to fill the day with new ideas, new explore and share. I felt the freedom to open myself to those friends with whom I shared the week. I filled my brain and my heart...and my idea book...with so many plans and ideas. Everyone brought their respective projects, mostly quilting, and so did I...but I also made jewelry...keychains.... and I read. We went antiquing....We went to quilt shops and fabric stores...We cooked together and tried new places to eat....We watched dolphins play. We drank coffee by the potfuls and soaked in the time that was just for us with no demands or expectations.  We laughed...oh we laughed! We shared parts of our hearts that I don't think had seen light in a while. We shared our stories and our dreams. We became sisters. And it fed my soul as if I had been starving. I think perhaps we were in the company of angels.

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