Friday, March 22, 2013


sometimes it's difficult to get going. for me, that time usually comes in winter....more specifically, toward the very end of winter. i lack motivation, i become sluggish-feeling. i know what i need to do...i have a list of plans and projects a mile long i want to get busy on...but i lack that one simple thing : motivation.    and then......
the sun comes out. as if by some wondrous magic it appears, suspended in a sky that is the most gorgeous shade of blue. and all i want to do is sit in it. it is such total immersion in loveliness that i can almost feel strength and motivation coursing through my veins as if i have been given some wonderful, miraculous medicine. and i soak in it. it is as if i am awakening, literally, from a long gray winter of slumber....and the sap is running again.
it is glorious. i see color. i see and hear the birds. i feel the warmth as i sit with my face to that marvelous sun. and i know.
it is spring. it is time to wake up and get back to this business of life. it is time to move forward into the new freshness of beautiful things. 
it is spring. and i am looking ahead with my face full to the sun and the sky, taking deep gulps of it with my arms and my heart open wide to welcome it.
it is spring. and it is time to begin anew.

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