Monday, March 11, 2013


as i get older i begin to realize that there really are some things i simply can not do. there are those things i will never do. and quite frankly there are a number of things i do not want to do. i believe at some point we must acknowledge those facts...and move on. it's all about focus, i think.
i can sit here all day and make list upon list of those things i can't, won't and don't care to do. what good is that? and why would i do that? how immensely negative that would be...really.
isn't is better to look ahead to what we CAN do...what we DO want to accomplish? and better yet, instead of sitting here writing about it, making all the grand plans in the world, thumbing through magazines and books finding more ideas than we could ever follow through on in a dozen lifetimes...isn't it far far better to attack life...yes i said goal, one project, one day at a time? i get so frustrated with myself because i have notebooks full of such beautiful things i want to make...and what good is that? i have lamented this fact before...i am very much the planner, the idea person....but on follow through...i am sorely lacking. and no one can do a thing about that but me. i acknowledge the fact that i will  never do some of the things of which i have dreamed. but the truth is, if i take it one thing at a time there are so many things i can many things i can finish. and in life, i know it's the journey that's important, but we need to finish well. we can start a race slowly, we can run steadily...but when we get to the second half of the race we can get a second wind and finish like a rock star.
starting today. starting right now, in this minute.

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