Friday, July 12, 2013


I think I heard on the news that this has been the wettest summer on record around here. I can believe it. I also think I heard it has rained at least a little every day except one or two since the first of JUNE. Note today's date. It is almost the middle of JULY. Gardens are not doing well, to say the least. Mosquitoes and ducks are very happy.  It is beyond humid at those times when the sun does come out...and when that happens, because of the moisture in the atmosphere and the heating, it makes thunderstorms which bring......yep....more rain. Hard rain. And then the sun comes out and we do it all again...and again...and...again. It does make for a very green summer as opposed to the dry, brown ones drought has brought in the past. Gardens didn't do too well then either but the difference was you could water the garden. There really isn't much we can to do make the rain stop falling. It should be interesting to see how fall and winter play out. I suppose it's a good thing we've gotten all this rain now, as opposed to having it as snow in the winter. Given that the snow to rain ratio is about 7" snow for every 1" rain...or something like that, I would make for a very interesting time indeed. Still, I would truly love to see a few days of sustained sunshine. Perhaps somewhere down the road we will be very thankful the water table has risen. In the long run all this rain may play out to be a very positive thing. But right's a pain.

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