Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yes to that! it's September. end of summer. time for change. this has been the wettest summer on record for our area, with rain multiple times a week every week since the end of may. I certainly hope that changes with the onset of fall. forecasts for the week ahead show 7 days....a full 7 days....without rain in the picture. Yes to that!
Yes also to this snazzy new computer I find myself on, although parts and pieces of it are still more than foreign to me.
and Yes to finishing my first quilt....hand done, no less. Finished it last night...just in time to start another, as Christmas nears and these are to be gifts for two very special small people. :)
Yes to trips taken my mountains, to the beach for the first time in what seems forever, and to Williamsburg, Va. 
Yes to scoring "new" old stuff at awesome prices when visiting a local antiques store today to change up my spaces at both stores.
Yes to the strength I'm feeling, in the recent use of my voice to finally speak up, in allowing "maybe" and "yes" to replace fear and an automatic "no".
Yes to not letting my time slip away while frittering on this machine...
and yes to following through on some plans and doing what I intended.
Yes to good things...and yes to closing the door on some things which needed an end.
Yes to starting fresh and to stepping up.
Yes to that!

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