Sunday, September 15, 2013


I do so love it when the seasons change. it's like that saying i'm sure you've seen..."an ending is also a new beginning".....and today, there is coolness...perfect temperature for having both heat and AC off, windows open. one of my favorite kind of days is when it's sharply, crisply cool for the first time, the sun is bright, the sky is crystal clear blue. it's wonderful. and one of my favorite things to do on a day  like that? well, aside from getting outside to enjoy it.....I love to put something in to slow cook.....and fill the house with those warm, comforting smells that make you want to curl up with some needlework or a good book. I love the coolness of the nights, when you first pull that old quilt or afghan over you and snuggle in. I suppose it's the beginning of the "cocooning season" that many folks don't like or look forward to. personally, I love it. I welcome the coolness that comes with fall....I love the change. and as I type this, there is in my oven a roast with vegetables slowly simmering, filling the house with the most amazing aromas....I sit here with a pile of needlework beside me, the windows open....I feel the coolness. and I love it.

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