Monday, May 26, 2014

brave changes

when this year of 2014 began, I chose the word brave as my "word of the year". at the time I had no idea how appropriate that would be. I had no idea I would lose my dad just a few short months from the beginning of the idea what the logistics of closing up and cleaning out that house would be. i had no idea my daughter and her family would purchase his house and move around the curve from me. I had some idea of what the year would hold in regards to hubs' illness, but had no idea how much change that would mean for me. I had no idea, but hopes, that my son and his special lady would be planning their future together. I had no idea my little house would sell.....and although I shoulder some disappointment in the fact that I apparently stand to make little or nothing on a sale that is hopefully in the works, I will be out from under that albatross and finally able to save some money. I will also most likely be moving during this year. To where? Good question. I'm working on that. I had no idea that all of this would need bravery like I've never had. I had no idea how this year would be my Year of Change.  I think I made a wise call at the beginning of this year, choosing the word brave. Change would've also been an appropriate word, but at the time, I didn't know. That's probably a good thing.

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