Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June already

This month snuck up on me...time seems to be going by very quickly these days. I can't believe it's June already.
I love June. It is a month that presents itself as if the whole world is giggling in triumph at being alive. Think about it....the colors are back; the flowers are blooming, the blue of the sky even seems more sharp, the leaves have greened. The birds are back, the colors of the finches, bluebirds....the twittery chirp of the hummingbirds and the chimney swifts....the coo of the dove in the morning and the hoot of the owls at night. It's warm enough to sit out on the porch at night and enjoy an ice cream or cold drink. The gardens are beginning to grow and the farmer's markets are the place to be. Bowls of bright red strawberries beckon. It seems, in June, as if the whole world is waking.  Some days...more and more, in fact....I seem to feel as if I am awakening as a part of me that has been in a deep slumber for so long is stirring....stretching...yearning to open eyes that have been in darkness entirely too long. Perhaps it is, indeed, the beginning of my difficult a time as it's been, it is almost a victorious feeling to know that is coming....that giggling of triumph at simply being alive.

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