Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday afternoon

For some reason, I'm loving this Sunday afternoon. There's a quiet ease that seems to almost literally ooze peacefulness. And peacefulness these days around here is hard to come by. But this afternoon, as I sit watching someone sleep, as he does most of the time now, I don't feel the panic of having to get anything done. I've cut my herbs this afternoon, washed them and put them to dry....and the smell in my kitchen begs deep breathing. I've got the door and windows open, can hear the birds and the tinkling of the wind chime....and again I breathe deeply, remembering. Remembering my dad and the times we spent in the mountains on the porch at the cabin he and my mom had, watching the hummingbirds and feeling the breeze....and listening to the absolute quiet. I was able to go to church this morning, with father-in-law having come out to stay so I could get away for a bit. Those "getting away" times  are few and far between these days. We are under Hospice care now in this house, as hubs cancer has progressed past the point that any further treatment can help. Change is coming all too quickly...all too soon after watching the same with dad only 3 short months ago. So the peacefulness of this Sunday afternoon is such a welcome gift. I want to breathe it in and fill up with it so I can draw from it in days to come. I almost feel like it's a promise of sorts, that days like this.....quiet, peaceful.....can still happen, even in the midst.

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