Thursday, July 24, 2014

happy birthday to me

yep. that's what it says. happy birthday to me. because i can. 58. wow.
I could say I have such wonderful plans for this year...and I do. but everything is subject to change. I surely have learned THAT lesson over the past year. so in this 58th year of me, I plan to remain open to new things, but make plans anyway. and hope. always always hope....for good things to be just around the corner.
yesterday, lunch was with a dear friend of over 40 yrs. last night, dinner was with friends and co-workers, some lucky enough to be retired like me...others, still working, poor souls....all from the elementary school where I taught for all but one year of my entire teaching career. today will be spent with my daughter and grands...out for pizza, a trip to the  "big" library, then to Krispy Kreme to watch them make doughnuts...and of course take some home....because we all know Krispy Kreme doughnuts are waaaay better than birthday cake!
it's a drippy day here. who cares. it's been said that rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck. maybe rain on your birthday will do the same. one can only hope!
so today.....happy birthday to me! yep. because I can.

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