Friday, July 18, 2014

facing forward

these past weeks have been challenging. I actually had a difficult time deciding which word to use there....but challenging covers it.
I am moving. in every sense of that word, I am.  I am going through and packing up and discarding. I am thinking and planning. and it is odd. very odd.
because I have no idea where i'm going. I just know i'm moving.  i'm going through and packing up and go to a place I don't know about yet. tell me that's not odd.
when am I going? haven't a clue. not. a. clue.
so. i'm looking, trying to decide on a place to go. and i'm waiting. i'm packing because I know i'm going somewhere. and I don't know when i'm going. that just about covers it.
all I know right now is that i'm facing forward. I look at each day with possibility. I keep my options open...and I keep my heart open. and i'll know when I know.

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