Tuesday, August 26, 2014

a sabbatical

i'm thinking I may need to take a sabbatical of sorts...away from the life that surrounds me and delve ever-so-deeply into the life that is within me. and I don't even know if that makes sense.
i'm in a decision-making slump. and that is, indeed, terribly poor timing. I need to move, literally...lock, stock and barrel....to.....somewhere. soon. I've been sorting, tossing, packing, all those wonderful things one does when preparing to move. and I don't even know where i'm going. I do know this, however....I know that everyone and his or her brother is attempting to tell me what I do or do not need or want to do.
don't do that, be sure not to, be sure you, don't think, think about that, you don't want to, do you really want to, why would you want to, why not, just do what you want, but is that what you want, why would you go there, think about this, you don't want that, and on and on and on......
to the point that I can't quiet all the voices so I can hear ME. and my voice is ever-so-quiet. a whisper, really. and it says "shut it down.....shut it all down and listen. you need quiet. you need to listen in quiet so you can hear your own heartbeat...see in your own mind where your heart is...
to find where your peace lives. and go there."
on a sabbatical from the life that surrounds, perhaps.
go on a journey to the life that lives within...the life of a dream...and give birth to it.

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