Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I absolutely, totally, with my entire being detest packing.
in the beginning, i'm always trying to keep things organized. all the bathroom towels and washcloths
go in this box, kitchen in this one, etc. I do/did try. really. but then the laundry comes out of the dryer and oops....here's a set of sheets that didn't make it into the right box. oh well, no matter.....they can go in the box with the socks because they'll be going in the bedroom, too...oh and here's this throw pillow off the bed. so I suppose keeping things in room-appropriate boxes is semi-organized. 
and then......
then comes the day like yesterday. a day when you realize time is ticking and slipping by and you're(I'm) so ready to be gone...to be somewhere other than here.....that it begins. The "open box, insert anything" method of organization and packing. That is me. The only question I ask now...."Is it going with me?" If the answer is yes, it goes in a box. Any box that will get it safely and efficiently from Point A to Point B. My goal is not necessarily to arrive organized.......just to arrive. With all my stuff.
My thoughts are that it will be something akin to Christmas morning when I begin to unpack. I won't know what's in the box, just that whatever's in there is mine.
oh and yes, there's this.....that day when you actually run out of boxes. Mm-hmm. That happened, too. Enter stage left:  garbage bags.....heavy duty. The ones with fragrance. So now, not only will everything arrive safely, it will arrive smelling good, too.
there are those days. the ones where you'd almost just as soon leave it all behind and start over from scratch.
but then you remove your self from the angst for a while. you brew a cup of tea and go out into the sun and breathe. and you try to wrap your mind around what is actually happening here. that you are being birthed into a new life. and that being birthed brings with it pain even in the joy and anticipation. and that it is not a quick process...but it is indeed a process in which one can't skip steps and jump to the good part. you...I...must go through it to get beyond.
even if it means packing. because any good journey is worth it.

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