Thursday, January 1, 2015

being different....being changed

what good could come from the past year? it was one of those years when one would have to really....REALLY....look hard to find something. But it can be done.
one would hope that after a year of being refined by fire...having layers sanded off....that some beauty would begin to come forth.
"you're different"...."you've changed"...."your work is different"...."not like everything else I've seen"...."that's really different"....and it goes on.
after the year just past, one would hope to be be different, and to turn the events of months past into something positive through those changes.
and that, my friends, is my plan for the new year. to transform negative into positive and to celebrate those changes and to be different because of it.  because it is impossible for me to have gone through the past year and NOT be changed...NOT be different.
so let it be. be changed. be different. be happy in the skin you're in. celebrate life.
let 2015 be the year of rising from the ashes.
love the life you've been given. every minute of every day. always.
happy new year.

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