Saturday, March 7, 2015

still kickin'...after all this time

well hello.....that is, hello if there's still anyone out there.  it's been a while, to be sure....and a lot has happened.
I've bought a house....not the dream one in the mountains...yet. But that's on my "To Do" list.  This one is not far from here. It's just right....all on one level, nice yard, 2 baths, big windows and lots of light.....and a HUGE room that will be my studio.  I'm very excited about putting my stamp on this place...I have lots of plans for things I want to do to make this house mine....which, given the unforeseen turn of events last month, is a very...VERY...good thing.
Two weeks after I closed on the house we had a cold snap...more like a cold ZAP...straight from the Arctic, it was. And it hung around for a while. We are not accustomed to such temps and wind chills  of below zero around here. And there was snow...and ice. And for a few days I couldn't get to my new house to check to see if all was well. I hadn't moved in yet because I was planning to do some updating and renovating. I'd been to Lowe's and Home Depot, picked out my flooring, bathroom vanities, new light fixtures....paint colors...countertops, almost talked myself into new kitchen appliances, etc...all the lovelies to make this home scream of me. And then....the Tour of the Arctic arrived...and stayed...and stayed...and froze everything. EVERYTHING. Pipes. Which burst. In my studio wall. And flooded my new house. It was ugly. I called the Water Dept., who came and shut off the telling how long it had been spewing forth. THAT bill should be lovely. Soppy carpet. Soaked into the wood of the bathroom cabinets and some of the kitchen floor cabinets. Soaked up into the sheet rock in the studio. Traveled into every room in the house. Ugh, indeed. BUT...
my son-in-law has a friend that owns an emergency response team. We called. They came immediately. They stayed until late into that Friday night. And when they left, all the carpet and linoleum had been taken up and all of the cabinets had been pulled out. And I had called my insurance homeowner's insurance was such a new policy it hadn't even been entered into the computer yet...but it was in effect....and had been for all of 2 weeks. The only way I can describe it is that apparently God thought my new home needed a baptism, of sorts. Out with all the old, in with new and lovely. And, amazingly enough, the things I'd picked out at Lowe's and Home Depot just the week before are the very things that insurance is going to cover. The company we called that first night is a start to finish company...which means they come in, clean up the uuuuugly mess....and FIX. IT. ALL.  To my specifications, with items I choose. So all those beautiful new things I picked out, insurance is covering.  To be sure, it is a backward and roundabout way to get a blessing....and I DID NOT think when I walked in and saw water spewing from my studio wall and almost ankle deep that it would, in any way, shape or form, be a blessing. is. Truly.  Think about it. None of my personal belongings was moved into the house yet, so I lost none of my things. The company we called can and will do all of the work for us, so we don't have to spend every night and weekend painting and putting in new floors. I get all of the beautifuls I'd picked out and insurance covers the bill.  It frees up some of what I was going to spend so that I can get new kitchen appliances and lighting. God surely and certainly does work in mysterious ways.
So yes...I'm still kickin'....and about to be very busy.  Such a transformation, this process from "my new house" to "my home"....and I'm so excited to begin this new chapter.  Onward.

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