Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the act of.......

I wrote these words today in response to a friend's comment about putting my stamp on my new home and building on that.....
"You know, honestly.... I see this as the foundation of a new relationship that has long been ignored....the relationship I have with myself....as well as the relationship between me and God and the opening up and walking with faith through the days ahead."
the act of....rebuilding.
the act of....opening up.
the act of.....walking in faith.
the act of.....learning about myself all over again....the real me....and establishing a solid, happy, comfortable relationship with myself.
meanwhile, work progresses on the house. today it was like being in an anthill, there were so many workers doing so many different things.  and I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself! the contractor says I should be able to plan on moving in by the end of april. 
just in time to plant a garden....perfect!

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