Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do one nice thing

Well. Since I've only posted one entry to my new blog, I guess it's time to have something new....not that anyone reads it but me, but even that's sort of empowering. I've had a number of random thoughts recently...mostly about how life is so full of choices, but some also regarding how we treat other know, the whole "do unto others" stuff. I tried to teach my kids (now grown and hopefully using this lesson!) to treat others as they would want to be treated...if you want "nice" given back to you, you have to give "nice" to start with. You get what you give. It has come to my attention from various means recently that not everyone taught their kids fact, not many adults are practicing it now! That saddens me. I believe there's beauty and good in all, that it's there just for us to see and enjoy and people, in nature, in the everyday....but many are taking that for granted, not taking the time to walk that mile in someone else's shoes, or to share the little victories, or to point out the beauty of that beautiful red cardinal on the snow-covered branch with that clear blue sky behind him. What would it take...maybe just one share something nice with someone in the hopes they'd do the same and that it would pass on many people in the course of one day...that one nice thing we did that started it all....maybe all it would take is a smile. Here's one for YOU...pass it on to someone....lots of someones.....and it will eventually come back to you...that one nice thing we do. :)

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