Friday, January 23, 2009

It is time

It is time, I think. Time for what? you ask. Well......time for anything. Just think about it for a minute. What is it that you would make time for if you could choose? Hhmmm....really? Well then, I think it is time for THAT. Each of us would choose differently, of course, but it makes no difference what your choice is....or what anyone else thinks of it.....or if it is odd to some. What matters is that you make a choice......that you make time.......and DO. Time is ours to use......and if I remember correctly, "use" is a verb...something that shows action. Make a choice. Use your time. DO. I told a friend today "do what you do" just came out, but then I really started thinking about it and asked myself..."what is it that you do?" So many things, I I will begin. Looks like I'm going to be using my own advice. It is do what I do.....

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