Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just had this thought

G'mornin'. Well....as pretty as it was outside yesterday, today is gray and rainy. That's fine...all the better to stay inside and work....but what I'll be doing is not really work, it's more like play! I do love my room upstairs ( or 1/2 room, technically) where I can spread out all my crafty playthings and do what I do...which is whatever my little heart desires for that day and time. Ain't life grand?! But about the title for today's post....I have a little book titled " It's Never too Late...172 simple acts to change your life." Every so often I open it at random to see what jumps out at me...to kind of set my frame of mind before I start to "work." Today, what jumped out at me is very interesting, and since there's no way I could expound upon it, I'll just quote it and let you chew on it and see what you think.
"It's never too late to start a new career. Your career is not you. It's not your life~ it's your job. You can always expand your horizons or change direction. Remain positive. Find a new work challenge~one that inspires you. Explore it. Chase it with passion. " Then a quote at the bottom of the page from Henry David Thoreau: "Live the life you've imagined."
Love the quote; I'm sure you've heard it before. But I challenge you to take it a step further....Don't just live the life you've imagined...Live the life you thought was beyond your imagination. Only you can make it happen, you know. It's all about the choices you have. At times perhaps I could have and should have followed that advice myself...but like the book says...It's never too late!! Ever. Give this one away... :) And keep this one for you. :)

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