Monday, March 9, 2009

Have you ever had so much "stuff" running rampant through your mind that you could not focus on any one thing? That has been me today. I've accomplished a lot, don't get me wrong....lots more than normal, in fact. I think sometimes we get so "full of it"....and don't take that the wrong way...just so full of life and all it's twists and turns and ups and downs that we really truly can not focus. Or at least we can't focus on the things we need to be thinking about...the important stuff. That's when your mind needs a little respite from the churn that is your brain....a little "side trip", if you will. Pick up something you haven't done in a while... something mundane...something simple...a book to finish...a project to complete (or start!)...laundry, gardening...anything that will even for just a few short minutes take your mind somewhere other than the muck and the mire that has your brain clogged. I was able to do that today...and it turned out quite well, I must say. No TV, no radio, no was was was rewarding because I had something to show for it....just because I chose to focus on something different...even for just a little while.

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