Thursday, November 19, 2009


today i rather feel like a caterpillar must when it wraps itself inside the cocoon. i am feeling like i want to just burrow down deep into a big comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and a soft blanket. and on the table beside me, what is it i would choose to have within arms' reach so as not to have to get up and disturb my cocoon? my knitting? yes. some cross-stitch? sure. copper wire and a tray of beads? absolutely. a good book? maybe. maple cookies? yes, yes! and oh yes! a scented candle that makes the whole house smell of vanilla? definitely! the television? no, no. no. not. i love the quiet. all the things that are running around in my head are loud enough without adding to the din! but the know, when i was a little girl and we first moved out here to "the country" we were so far from "town" that my grandparents were actually concerned for the 4 of us kids because they thought we were so far away from a hospital or doctor! now? quiet out here in "the country" is virtually nonexistant. we live at the corner of our little side street, right at the stop sign. cars go up and down the streets in front of the house now at a rate i could never have imagined when we first moved here....when we used to make a game of guessing what color the next car would be...or how many cars would pass before daddy got home from work. i love to sit on the porch, but now the game is "wonder how long it's going to be before one of these speeding idiots misses the curve again and ends up wrapped around a tree in our front yard"...or "wonder what song the next car will be listening to" because we know everyone in the neighborhood will be able to hear it. i like my quiet....and i miss it. wonder if that's why i feel like cocooning today? and i wonder where that place is...that place where it is so quiet i can really hear the birds, or the wind, or the creek? i think it's just about time to look for that place.

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