Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I am proud to say that I achieved my goal for yesterday...and an extra one, to boot! All the twisted wire and beaded pins now have pinbacks and are ready to either to sell or use as gifts. I even put them on cardstock! I also posted about 22 pair of ceramic earrings on cardstock, as well as some Christmas earrings. AND I started a new is made of yarn so soft that to touch it reminds me of putting my hands in whipped cream! The different shades of blue and aqua bring to my mind the colors of the ocean in Jamaica. I can't wait to finish! I know...I should've finished one of the other things on my list from yesterday. See....this is how it works.....I have projects that I work on upstairs during the day when no one but me is here. Then I have those projects that I work on downstairs in the evening when Ed is here and the TV is on. The scarf is my downstairs project. My upstairs project? Finishing the cross-stitched Christmas ornaments...they have to go in the mail by Monday!

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