Tuesday, November 10, 2009

for me...unknowingly

when i found this today on a friend's blog, i wanted to share. quite appropriate, don't you think?

"I think back to the person who sat on a sand dune and dreamed of walking through Africa, and I think of how truly powerful our dreams are, think that it is our dreams which tell us who we really are and what is important for us, that they are our identity, our reality, our comfort in the dark night and our defence against the false paths strewn in front of us by a society which does not honour their wisdom. I think of how very close I came on so many occasions to deserting my dreams because they seemed too hard, or because people told me they were crazy. And then I think that this walk is the most important thing I have ever done, that I have learned more about myself and the world around me in this last year than I did in the thirty years before it, and I take a deep breath and throw back my head and look at the stars blazing with otherworldly power far above me in the clear crystal desert night and I feel the rip tide within surge and ebb once more and I think to myself: There is nothing I cannot do."
-Paula Constant - Slow Journey South

(borrowed from "ornamental").

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