Saturday, November 7, 2009

live it?...or wonder....?

i think, after much contemplation, that i would rather have even one day of living what i've always dreamed of, than a lifetime of wondering. i would rather know that i tried, even if i failed, than wonder whether i should or question why i didn't. even. try. i would rather know that i did what makes me happy than compromise my dreams for the mediocrity of others who have no dreams. isn't that dreams? nothing so exciting that you would push against any obstacle in order to achieve it? nothing in your life that brings you that adrenaline rush just thinking about it? and sadder still ?...those who attempt to deny others THIER dreams...who boldly stand before you and say the words "i don't believe you can do it...i don't believe you WILL do it". it makes your heart drop to your toes to have someone who is supposed to believe in you, no matter what, deny that they do. it crushes your dreams. it makes you feel foolish for giving voice to the will you feel inside. it makes you want to hide your face and never come out...ashamed that you were so childlike even at your ripe old age that you should even still, now, have dreams of what you want from this life. and then, when that all passes and you accept what you feel as what is, what will be and know that it...and you...are ok even if some may beg to again can close your eyes and see what you dream of and know......that you CAN. and you WILL. and one....can tell you otherwise. because it is your life, you own it, you control it with divine guidance from above...and YES. YOU. CAN. no one has the power to control your dreams. to tell you they are wrong. to lead you in a direction you do not choose to go. you can and you will...because you are strong enough. you are good enough. you are brave enough. you are determined enough. not ever...EVER tell anyone they can't or won't. do not mock choices or actions.....because all you do is create more determination than ever before. as for me....i will. i can. and not only will i do it...but i will do it well. and you? you who say will only be able to stand and watch. will you believe it then? i wonder.

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