Monday, January 25, 2010

love this day

ahhhhhhh. this is the kind of day that makes me sigh with contentment. you see, it is MY day. it is beautifully sunny here with blue skies and cotton clouds....the temperature is comfortable...a just right kind of day! and after the overnight winds and storms and flooding, it is most welcome.
i love my days....they are "no stress" days; days where i completely choose what to do, when and how to do it, where i want to go and what i want to eat and what to watch on tv and staying in comfy clothes all day up to my elbows in "crafty stuff" if i want days...aahhhhyesssss. spread it all out to see...the colors, the fabrics, the beads and wires and tiles and lace and turn on the music and fling open the drapes and let in the sun, for it is MY day! i claim it, i choose it, i relish in the glory of it and i hum and tap my foot to the music of it...i let the joy of it flow through me like the very river of life is a very good day when i can stand up and stretch and take a deep breath of the right now and look forward to the tomorrows...and know...KNOW that it will all be well and right and good....because it is MY day! how sweet, how precious, how glorious, how triumphant it is...and even if i should stomp my foot and shake my fist and glare at you, my insides are still smiling...just because i love this day that is mine....a good beginning for a new time, a giant step forward and no, not another, not till i enjoy the view from here...because it. is. MY. day. deep breath and sigh and laugh out loud and don't care who looks! throw open your arms and embrace it very very sweet! yes!

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