Sunday, January 31, 2010

oh what a beautiful morning

no...not the song...the day.....the one that is glistening white and bright just outside my window!!! you see, it snowed here friday, friday night, saturday.....about 7 inches worth of white fluffy, sparkly glory! and this morning the sky was blue blue blue and the sun was shining and it looked as if i were on top of a cake, tiptoeing through the white frosting as i walked in the yard! this is nature in all her winter glory, it a snow queen dressed all in white with sequins and soft fur and drapes of white wrapped around her shoulders. the crunch as i walk seems so loud, but so hushed, all at the same time. it is truly truly exquisitely perfect, this winter day...this day dressed all in white! i love the days like this in winter....with a fire in the fireplace, walks to be taken, movies to watch, knitting and needlework to finish, hot blueberry tea....i do so love these days. but the beauty of the white frosting, sparkling out is just too much, too outside i go, to bask in it just a little longer before the sun claims it. enjoy!

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