Monday, February 8, 2010

be still

i've begun working on a new project...and yes, i have begun yet another project before completing what. my theory is that if there are several things going on at once i can bounce from one to another and not get bored. anyway..i digress.
i have begun a new project. it is comprised of fabric and lace and beads and stamped words and a small tree branch and a number of other assorted lovely things i found whilst digging through and looking around. it will probably take some time to finish and i am not yet sure what i am to do with it, but i'm certain that will be revealed to me as time goes on. it usually is. and i must tell you, i love the words that came to my head...the ones i've stamped on the fabric, for they are as true as any words i've seen lately. "be still and quiet places i hide."
be still. i am one of the worst to, as stated above, flit from this to that...but i have also learned that it is important to be still. in the stillness one can hear things...real things, not the manufactured noise of television or even radio. like the barking of a dog down the road. or the birds that have finally found the birdfeeder. the wind through the chimes. be still and listen. in real quiet, it is even possible to hear one's own heartbeat. to be aware of your own breaths. to feel the warmth from the fire; the purring of the cat curled up beside you...and the soft fur. be still and listen...and feel....and know that "in quiet places i hide". what can you find in your quiet place? what do you hear when you are still? what do you feel? i used to be one who would turn on the television just because i wanted there to be some noise. not anymore. i find myself muting it...and even, more often than not, turning it off. it is fine to be in a quiet hear real be aware of what is around us. "be still and quiet places i hide."

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