Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello again

the computer has been a bit under the weather...which has, in turn, opened my eyes to how much time i was actually spending here on this machine. i have gotten so much done away from it...i am truly surprised. so i have been trying to re-think my daily "routine"...if you can call it that. when retired, one hates having a "routine" but, for lack of a better word....i think i like it better when i don't allow myself to be tethered to this machine quite so much.
it has snowed....again...and again...and again. it is a fact that i do love snow. when i think of snow, my mind invariably heads for the hills. my first 2 years of college were spent in the n.c. mountains at montreat....truly 2 of the best years of my life, i do believe. when i was growing up our family always made the summer 1-day trip to the mountains ( haven't really lived until you spend the entire day, and i'm talking before dawn till dark, in the back seat with your 3 brothers and sisters (one of whom gets carsick) riding down the blue ridge parkway...) ....and when that wasn't enough, we began renting a cabin near boone for a week. i still have a deep deep desire to be in those mountains as much as possible, regardless of the season. and you can bank on this: i will be there. that said...and back to snow....i truly am ready for spring. i have had my snow for the year, thank you very much. the mountains in spring are equally as beautiful as the mountains covered in snow.
interest is beginning to pick up in regards to some of my handmade items....the twisted wire pins and scarf/hat sets in particular are gaining a few fans...and hooray hooray for that! there are even more possibilities on the horizon, but i'll keep that to myself for now so as not to jinx anything! just keep your fingers crossed...and toes and eyes and anything else you can cross! :)
i am preparing for a trip to the seattle area in the next few weeks and am eagerly anticipating that! but believe it or not, i am also looking forward to the time after that trip...the coming home part...because it will be spring! and because i will be able to begin seriously working on several projects that i have been putting off...but in that "putting off" time i have planned and thought and prayed and organized and juggled...until now, when i have a clear plan and an even clearer path to follow...and blessedly, all with anticipation! life is good!

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