Tuesday, March 2, 2010

march...already? and thank goodness!

hello march...and welcome!! with open arms i welcome you....this month in which spring arrives!! oh yes...spring!! flowers and color and sun and blue skies and birds...spring! on this day of march, there is snow in the forecast...again...in the whatseemstobeneverending cascade of "snow events" that have been training through here all. winter. long. i love snow...i love winter....and since i no longer have to be at work at o-dark-thirty in the morning, i really do love sitting at home in my jammies, drinking coffee and watching it absolutely pour snow. that said, i also love ice cream but that doesn't mean i want it all day every day....there is something to be said for "in moderation"....and that applies to snow as well. now...let's get this spring thing going....i love the light...the sun streaming in my workroom is such a warm and soothing balm. and i need that light, for i am busy up here in my workroom...i still can't seem to call it a studio, since i can't really see what i do as art, but...i suppose it is...art...in some form or fashion. anyway, i stay busy with the jewelry and keychains and scarves and hats and whatever else i see that i want to do...i love having this cornucopia of supplies that i have amassed right here at hand, ready for whatever suits my fancy to do...that job i had at michael's did have it's benefits! ;) and i have other wonderful things....pieces of wood and stones and shells that have "followed me home"...lace bits that came from various collections and discards...old things that others may see as junk, i "can do something with that"....something as simple as an old key on a piece of ribbon that begins life anew as a bookmark. i do so....SOOOOO love the things i choose to do these days. and when spring smiles and gifts us with the colors and sounds and warmth for which we have waited all winter, then....THEN fling open the window and take a deep breath and with arms wide open, welcome the new beginnings, the new awakenings that spring has waiting.

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