Monday, January 16, 2012


good morning! it's a cold morning here, but still no snow this winter. my brother lives on the southern oregon's snowing there. my sister lives on the coast of's snowing there. and here i am, roots running deep within a mile of where i've spent most of my life snow. oh well. perhaps i should travel to oregon or maine. :) i like that idea.
this morning, i woke up early...not by choice. i normally don't mind getting awakened early, having some coffee, pushing slowly into the new day. but today it was so warm in the flannel sheets, and still semi-dark out, so i cocooned for a bit....until jake woke up. it's difficult to be warm and cozy with a big ol' chocolate lab loudly wanting breakfast. well....when i got up and looked to the sky, i thanked jake...i actually said the words "thank you did good...i would've missed it". he usually wakes me up between 7 and 7:30 a.m.....he's more reliable than an alarm clock. but today....6:30, it was....and i am so very thankful. otherwise i would've missed the most glorious sunrise....absolutely glorious to be sure. reds, oranges, all shades of blues and some purple and pink....such a sunrise, i haven't seen in a long time. such a nice way to start a new day...with a smile, some deep breaths...and a sky full of glory.

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