Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new things

1. we still have no snow. in fact, for the winterfest activities the last weekend of this month, the city is actually hauling in 3 tons of snow, to be placed (dumped) at center city park. that's just wrong. i'm loving the blue sky and sunshine, but it's winter....there needs to be some snow, the kind we can watch as it falls and piles up in the yard.
2. i have begun learning to quilt. loosely translated, that means last week i went to my first quilting group....where very little quilting was actually done, but we had a great lunch out after! ah but this week, i found the quilt top i want to finish that i've had for i plan to actually do some work.
3. i've come to the realization that although i thought getting paid the week before christmas was wonderful, it's been a long time since then....a very long time. retired teachers in my state...well...all teachers here, retired or active, get paid once monthly. and it has been a long time indeed since the week before christmas. on the flip side, it has forced me to stay at home and get some lovelies made....
4. mason, my 4 year old grandson, had his tonsils out the week after christmas. poor little guy, he was so pitiful the first week or so. i'm glad to say he's doing much better now.
5. this past weekend i stumbled right into a mega-sale at michael's. 70% off the lowest ticketed clearance price on select beads and jewelry supplies. i made out like a bandit! i mean really, why not?! i lassoed a friend and went back for more, in fact....and i am so excited to see what lovelies come of it!
6. i am using my voice. my backbone is strong, my eyes open. my head is high, my mind set. i know the path that is good, the path that is right; i choose to travel there. and i'm not afraid.

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  1. Number 6 is what makes life manageable. There seems to be a lack of backbones, good paths and fearless direction lately.
    I wish you... snow, a finished quilt to keep you warm, more 70% off coupons at Michael's and lots of great after Christmas sales. (There are some good ones out there right now.)... and a paycheck very soon.
    The really good thing about getting your tonsils out at 4 years of age is that they only do it once and you hardly remember it when you recover.
    Here's to a path that is good and right... and not being afraid to live deliberately.