Thursday, February 2, 2012

the quietness of it all

i love my days. i love it when the house is so quiet. very rarely do i turn on the television during the day...sometimes, the cd player or radio, but tv has become such a waste of good energy and electricity when i have so many productive things to do. sometimes i just sit and listen. i may hear the rain...the neighbor's dog (or quite possibly my dog!)...birds, the wind, the clicking of my knitting, the gurgle and hiss of the coffeepot, the cats chasing each other on the porch, the crackle of a fire on those days, few and far between, when it's been cold enough to build a many things that are comforting...that allow me to bathe in the quiet and actually hear my own thoughts.
there's a voice in me that isn't always heard...not even by my own self...and in quiet times, it's allowed to bubble up. i listen. it's the voice of reason...the voice of calm...the voice that always knows...the voice that speaks the truth i have inside. sometimes i argue with it...sometimes i just frown and shake my head. sometimes i just breathe deeply and listen. there are things i know, that this voice also knows...things that must be brought forth from the depths and released. most of the time when the voice is speaking to me, i work...i make lovelies...sometimes i talk, i ask my self questions...and yes, sometimes i answer. but, i'm quiet...
this voice...this small voice me. it's the part of me that needs to be be given permission to let go....or hold tighter...or move forward....whatever. it's the part that gets buried in the evenings, when the television comes on and there are housewifely things to do...when i am no longer alone in the quiet. the does get buried...or hidden...but it stays quiet...if it speaks, i don't hear it...or i ignore....because i haven't learned yet...YET...that the voice is is my heart, my soul, my being that needs to be allowed a voice of its own all the time, not just in the quietness of the days. i still hide it, my voice.
i love my quiet days, when the voice and i can sit and be one. i long for the time when the voice comes, loud and strong, into the evenings as well. it will be very good, i think....and i feel the bubble rising.

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  1. Protect this voice. You have to give it time to speak. It's the part of you that is honest and will always talk about the real you. We all need to listen to our quiet voice.
    This is a great post. Thanks