Wednesday, March 14, 2012

on letting go

there are several different ways of letting can try to hold on while feeling your grasp loosen and that thing you tried to hold onto slip away slowly. you can just open your hand, palm up, and let it fly quietly away. you can, from a clenched fist, fling it as far as you can, hoping to never see it again. or you can just sit quietly and watch it leave. whether it's cleaning out closets, walking through your old home, or realizing your life took an abrupt turn....either way, the end result is the same. believe it or not, sometimes that's a good thing.
it all began like this......
cleaning out a closet.
walking through the little house and around the yard.
thinking prayerfully about the. next. step.
in cleaning out a closet, i found so many things attached to even more memories. the shoes i wore to my daughter's wedding. the shoes i wore to her college graduation. the shoes i wore to my mother's funeral. all of them...every single pair of them....are no longer comfortable. i was under the impression that once we stopped growing, our feet followed suit...apparently i was wrong. letting go.
while walking through the little house, i looked out my window to the lilac bush my parents gave me on the first birthday i spent in that house. it has grown much to big to be transplanted, i fear. i saw the window broken by my son's errant soccer ball.....and vividly remember the true southern hissy-fit i threw when THAT happened. laughing out loud at that single daffodil that, after 20 years of mowing, STILL insists on coming up smack in the middle of the back yard. letting go.
as i thought and prayed for direction, i realized that all of it was this....letting go. moving on to something else that i must believe will be as full of blessings as those things that began this task...letting go. it sounds so simple, cleaning out a closet...doesn't it?


  1. I have been here...My Mom and Dad's house... Cleaning out closets, cleaning out old memories... and it is not an easy thing.
    But, this is what we do to make way for new memories. To move forward.
    It's the way things are suppose to be. It is not a simple thing, cleaning out a closet, but...
    You will be OK...

    1. Yes ma' helps to remember that the things we must eventually let go of started out at blessings we wished fervently for. And the circle goes on. Hope you have a good day.