Tuesday, March 20, 2012


ah yes, the first day of spring....the beginning of new....the infusion of color....the exit from the cocoon that was winter.
ah, spring. i see the hazy green just beginning to show on the trees...like hushed little green fluff that has attached itself and will become stronger and louder with each passing day. the colors are popping....the bulbs first, the whites, purples and pinks and golds of the hyacinth and crocus and daffodils....then the crabapples and forsythia bushes.
it's come on very quickly around here, spring. it's almost as if one can sit and watch the painting take shape....first the stark trees and such, then the addition of the details, the color....we've already had to begin mowing....gardens are being prepared.....temps in the seventies and sunshine. we've hardly had any form of winter....one snow.
and so it is here...spring. new life. growth. a beginning. colors.
i do so love spring.

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