Monday, April 30, 2012

well then

it's monday....a good day around here, almost always. today is no exception. scott was home this weekend and just left headed back to charlotte. melissa and her husband came for a while yesterday, to pick up scott on their way to a wedding. i do so love having these adult children of mine around.
today, the windows are open, the breezes sneaking in every so often.  there is a lot...and i do mean A LOT to do in preparation for a craft show this weekend.  the week will be full to the brim with details....putting the finishing touches on a new booth set-up....making last minute changes on how to display this or that....and oh, the new clasps i need to switch out...and yes, the new hanging display made from driftwood that i carted all the way across this wide country from the shores of the pacific in washington....will it work for my scarves or is it too heavy?.....drat, forgot the S hooks.....and yes ma'am, i  surely will have those bookmarks this time.....(pssst...haven't made them yet. at. all..!!)  yes, the details. the last minute
ah-ha (or oh-no) moments.  that poor lady in the mirror watching me panic.... such a week it will be. but i do so love it. every cram-packed bit of it.  i laugh at myself so much. and as if by divine command, i will have the two days prior to the show all. to. myself.  god's way, perhaps of showing me "see. yes you most certainly can do this on your own." to be sure, there will be glitches....there already have been glitches.....for instance.....the temperature here on saturday is to be mid-80's and my spot is to be in a gazebo directly beside a steam engine. hmm. the afternoon conversation may go something like this:" have you seen tina?" "last time i saw her she was sitting right here.....right where this big wet spot is. well, her glasses are there, her clothes are there, right in the middle of the big wet spot." yes, that would be me....nothing but a big wet spot. we may have to re-think this placement thing.
there was more, but i edited.....something about somebodies and nobodies and artsy-fartsy stuff.....
well then.

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