Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i wonder

there are many things i wonder about. some, probably the same as you. why bad things happen to good people, for instance. but today i wonder about other things. things that seem, as i get older, to really irk me. and since i have no time to be irked...since i do not enjoy being irked.....i will throw these words out and let them go. then i will move on to the things that are important, but first, this release, which is certainly not intended for most who may read this, but is necessary for me to let it out, with this being my chosen form of therapy, you understand:
hello...i know you're there. sometimes i think i could actually physically knock on your head as one would knock on a door and no one would be home. the questions asked would enjoy answers, thank you. if i tell you something it would be nice if it was important enough for you to remember it. if i take the time to communicate with you, if i choose to spend time with you, if i ask questions of you, if i choose to share parts of my world with you, it is because i really do care about what is going on with you. and yes, it would be nice to get a response once in a while. it would be ever-so-nice if you cared in return. it would be nice if you were equally interested in what is going on with me. not because i am soooo important, because i most certainly am a nobody in some eyes (not mine) but because the bond i thought we shared was something that i would hope we would want to cultivate so the weeds do not come and choke it out. yes i do know how busy you are. i am also busy.  i know you're going down a rough path now....most everyone is in some form or fashion. your time is no more or less valuable than mine. but still, i make the time...i take the time. in short: talk to me. if i am important to you, talk to me.
perhaps it's good that those words....talk to me.....go out into the world today. i will be listening for answers.
and to you.....if someone you care about communicates with you.....answer them. take the time....make the time.....you have no clue how much they are longing to hear from you. yes, you. because you are important to someone. talk to them.

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