Tuesday, May 1, 2012

how funny

so. it is done. i did exactly what i said in my post an hour ago. i went outside and flung the words into the wind in tiny little pieces. talk to me, they said. and how funny.....when i turned to go inside, i noticed the roses were blooming. so i cut three buds and brought them in. i put them into my best vase. and i placed them where i can see them every time i'm in the kitchen. they are beautiful with their yellowy-pink colors. talk to me, those words said.....and now i have roses. then i listened. the same winds that blew those words away are also making the chimes on the porch "twinkle" as my grandson says. how funny.  i let go of the words "talk to me" and now i have music. i'm listening. i can't help but chuckle.  i am reminded of a song from way back...one that i learned as a child in church...."the winds and the waves obey my will, peace be still"....so. it is you who is talking to me, hmm? all right. i'm listening.

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